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    Modifications To Child Support: What You Need To Know

    Getting a divorce is difficult. Adding children to the mix can be even harder, particularly when it comes to arranging custody. Child support is worked out as part of your divorce decree, but life has a way of changing things. If you need to make a change to your child support situation, you will need to get a child support modification along with evidence as to why it is necessary. The following are some things you need to know if you ever have to go this route.

    An Uncommon Marriage

    Can you really just tell people that you are married without going through the legal process? The answer to this question is more complex, but yes. In some states common law marriage is still legal, and one of the main indicators of a common law marriage is that you "hold yourselves out" as a married couple. Read on and learn a bit more about this uncommon way to be legally married.

    Why It's Worth It To Hire A Social Security Disability Lawyer

    If you are disabled and are thinking about applying for disability, you could be doing your research and looking into doing it on your own. Since you might know that some people apply without the help of anyone, you could assume that doing so yourself is a good idea. However, there are a few different reasons why it can be a better choice to hire an attorney. Here's why you might find it worth it to hire a Social Security disability lawyer.

    Tips For Poceeding Through The Divorce Process

    If you are currently in the process of having to evaluate whether or not divorce is the best option for your marriage, you will want to avoid the risk of allowing emotional stresses to cause you to overlook several key considerations as you move through the stages of deciding to divorce and initiating this process. Be Vigilant In Your Dealings With The Other Spouse While many people will assume that every divorce will end in the couple getting into intense arguments, this is not always the case as it is possible for both members of a couple to genuinely agree that it is time to dissolve the marriage.

    Are Rental Companies Ever Responsible For Car Accidents?

    After being involved in an accident with a driver in a rental car, there is sometimes confusion about who is responsible. Although it might seem logical that the driver is to blame, there is a possibility that the rental company shares some of the fault. If you were the victim of the car accident, here is what you need to know: When Is the Driver to Blame? In most instances, the driver of the rental car is to blame if he or she caused the accident.

    Two Important Issues You Need To Know About Suing For Future Medical Costs

    If you sustained severe injuries in a truck accident that require long-term treatment, you can sue for future medical costs to cover the different medicines and therapies you may need to restore your health. However, there are two important things you need to know about suing for future medical costs that can impact your case and access to any money you're awarded. Here's what you need to know. Claims Cannot Be Open-Ended

    Pushing Through An Uncooperative Veterans Affairs Office

    Does it feel like the Department of Veterans Affairs offices aren't listening to you? Do you rarely receive a callback, or are your claims unceremoniously denied despite evidence that you think is perfect for the situation? There are many situations where miscommunication or policy confusion can leave veterans and Veterans Affairs (VA) offices on uneven understanding, but some issues are from individual misconduct. Here's a few ways to figure out whether your issue is a simple policy issue, or if you need to root out misconduct at a specific office with legal help.

    Going into Business for Yourself? 4 Reasons You Need a Small Business Attorney on Your Team

    If you're planning on going into business for yourself, you're going to need a small business attorney to help you through the process. Read the tips below to get more information, or visit a site like http://www.clgnc.com/. There are a lot of details that go into owning your own business. One mistake could end up costing you time and money. Here are just four of the reasons why you need to hire an attorney before you go into business.